Broadstone Community Garden


Broadstone Community Garden was set up in January 2012. It is situated in the park where the Royal Canal Bank leads out onto Constitution Hill, one of the oldest parts of the city. The name ‘Broadstone’ is descriptive of a crossing of a stream the ‘Bradogue’. The stream was traversed by means of a large oblong stepping stone – thus the ‘Broad’stone. Dublin City Council has very kindly allowed us to create our community garden on this site which has terrific views over the city.

We are presently working on Phase 1 of our plan for the garden which consists of a series of raised beds radiating out from a large tree. Phase 2 will repeat this initial design. We have planted all of the beds to date with a mixture of vegetables and companion flowering plants. We have about 20 members from the local community working on the garden and a lot more interested parties who come to visit regularly.

The working times at the moment are Saturdays at 12 noon and Wednesdays from 5.30 depending on what has to be done. All visitors are very welcome. We will be constructing a bench around the tree in the coming weeks for people to enjoy the view of and from the garden. Our Constitution, list of committee members and photos of progress to date can be followed on

Where:             Royal Canal Park, Constitution Hill, Broadstone, Dublin 7.
When:              Saturdays at 12, Wednesday at 5.30pm.

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