Dunne Street Community Garden

Dunne Street Community Garden was started in March 2012 initially as an arts project by the artist  Aoife Desmond for the Five Lamps Festival April 2012 consisting of a temporary flower garden on a vacant site “Flowers for the Altar” and a film of a local Bosnian woman’s garden on the adjacent vacant site “Meva’s Garden’.  Post festival the artist decided to continue to work on the garden and to set up a viable community garden. Since then several neighbours and people in the local community of all ages have been involved. The garden is still establishing itself and is open to new gardeners. The garden is on the former grounds of St Agatha’s Court which was a block of social housing self contained flats for the elderly. They had to be shut down because they didn’t comply with EU regulations and they have been vacant since. The garden is intended to be mixed use; it has an orchard, fruit bushes, flower and herb beds, a large vegetable patch and some areas of wild plants and grassed areas. It is an organic garden with an emphasis on biodiversity. Plans for the garden include a pond, seating, raised beds and a greenhouse. Access to the garden is opposite St Agatha’s church on North William Street.

North William St, Dublin 1, ( beside St. Agatha’s Church)


Aoife Desmond 087 9551821 aoifedesmond@gmail.com


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