The NEC Farmer’s Hill Community Garden


The North East Central Farmer’s Hill Community Garden:

Since May 2010 members of the community have striven to create a new Community Garden within the North East Inner City. In September 2011 a licence was issued for the use of land off Rutland Street. Since then nearly the entire community have assisted both physically on the site and through their support. Many in the locale are now using the garden as a place to grow their food and flowers, the garden is intended for all in the community be they individauls or groups. The garden was successfully highlighted on RTE on the ‘Dirty Old Towns’ programme last April 4th, with a great response afterwards from the community. The experince has been very positve thus far, as with any community project we are always moving forward and have plans for the future.

Since its inception the garden has aimed to be a place of relaxation as well as place for new experiences and growth. With this in mind it is welcomed that in the near future the LYCS next door to the garden will be funded to commence horticultural courses. This will allow all those in the community to learn to better use the garden.

Rutland St, Summerhill, Dublin 1.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday (times vary daily).





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