St. Brigid´s Community Garden

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Behind St Brigids ’ National School on Merville Road is a hidden gem.  Once you walk past the native hedgerow, pond and wildlife meadow – you open a holly green gate into a mini-farm, complete with potting shed, polytunnel, Wendy House, hen coops, bee hive and lots of raised beds.
Our Mission Statement
To provide an area where members can relax and meet up with other members of the community on a regular basis.
To provide ‘green’ areas for growing fruit and vegetables to those who do not have any gardens.
To foster an interest amongst young people in their environment.
To provide a wildlife area for the introduction of new flora and fauna for research and environmental enrichment.
To promote interaction between the elderly and the young
Every Wednesday afternoon the local schoolchildren learn about animal husbandry and growing their own fruit and vegetables . 
Nearly all the children have their own raised beds and they can choose whether to plant vegetables, fruit or flowers.  They learn about crop rotation, pest control, seed saving, seed dispersal, composting and much more.
We are fortunate to have two retired gentlemen gardeners who do a huge amount of work to keep the garden looking its best. Peter Brown ( ex Airfield) looks after all our vegetables and Geoff Lovegrove – who seems to look after everything!
We try to introduce new animals every year in Spring so that children and families can learn about farm animals, in the past we have kept saddleback pigs, goats and turkeys. The pigs and turkeys went from farm to fork but the goats are off to Aifield this year.   
GIY Dundrum come to our garden at least twice a year to give us a ‘dig’ out with heavy jobs.  The meadow needs its annual cut and trees need pruning.  We have been fortunate to have got funding through the GIY ‘Get Growing’ award and this has helped to pay for lovely nature signs designed by Green Bee education and eventually we would like to establish a full information trail throughout the garden.  As a member of GIY, we love getting all the tips and recipes from HQ.
The garden is open to the public on Saturday afternoons and families are encouraged to come and spend some time pond dipping, feeding the hens and just enjoying nature.  
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