Weaver Square Community Garden


Weaver Square Community Garden started in May 2011 on a derelict site owned by Dublin City Council in the Liberties area of Dublin. The site contains the Community Garden and 28 individual allotments let out by the council. The main focus of the Community Garden is to create a safe and relaxing green space for all to use and enjoy. We hope in the future to have more emphasis on the garden as a learning experience, with open days & workshops and other related talks.

In 2016 a group from SWICN took over the community garden and developed it into well maintained garden that won Best Allotment Competition initiated by the Dublin Council. A
group of people coordinated by myself use the space to grow vegetables and learn about benefits growing has on physical and mental health. I also run a programme Grow Cook Eat with young people in aim to promote growing your own, and eating healthy. It has became a great resource
for the community and we hope to continue using the space for developmental and educational purposes.

We are planning a series of workshops from April 2017. The updates on what’s going on are available on our Facebook page:
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Where:     Chamber Street, Dublin 8.


Ivanna 0870934286  ivanna.chovgan@swicn.ie

For further information and photos:
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