The opportunities and constraints on community gardening, as a catalyst for urban quality of life, in Dublin.

By: Robert Moss. B.Sc.

This dissertation investigates the perceived contribution of community gardening toward quality of life, within urban Dublin. It also studies the issues acting upon community gardening, both positive and negative within that city. Using semi structured interviews, and desktop research the attitudes that exist amongst the local authorities, and participants who are involved in community gardening are examined. Also examined is the policy and practice applied towards community gardening by local authority. A further set of factors being examined are the wider issues that impact on community gardening in Dublin. These are demographic, political, cultural, and geographic considerations. Another method of research, which is that of a public survey into the perceived contribution towards quality of life, by community gardening, is also studied. This utilises a research technique delivering an element of quantitative data, to allow a degree of triangulation between the qualitative data derived from the semi structured interviews. This lends validity to the research by highlighting areas of commonality, and discrepancy, between the findings of the two methods of data collection. A key aim of this dissertation is to derive a set of recommendations to direct future policy and practice towards community gardening in Dublin.

Download the Dissertation >> pdf |6.25MB

The Dublin City Guide to Community Gardening

The Environmental Focus Group have just published The Dublin City Guide to Community Gardening. The Guide includes information on the practicalities of setting up a garden from finding a site to getting public liability insurance. There is a list of resources as well as contact details for community gardening groups already in existence, and often the best way to start a new garden is to visit one that’s already up and running.
For a hard copy of The Dublin City Guide to Community Gardening, please contact the Dublin Community Forum.

Download The Dublin City Guide to Community Gardening 2013 >> pdf |7.5MB

Download The Dublin City Guide to Community Gardening 2009 >> pdf |2.75MB

Find here a Community Gardening News Article that the Goethe Institut, Dublin commissioned the Green Communities Programme to research and write in January 2014.
It compares community gardening in Berlin and Dublin, what they are achieving, and the different and similar challenges they face.
Download The Goethe Institut Communal Gardening Review Document here >> .doc